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Providing business and private OSINT research to assist in enhanced decision making. B. To create their threat intelligence strategies through analyzing OSINT sources from both outside and inside the organization and then combining this information with other information to accomplish an effective cyber-risk management policy that helps them to protect their financial interests, reputation, and customer base.
In addition to the analytics, real-time data helps the OSINT to capture and respond to the data in real time adding the benefit for OSINT private and public organizations against security risks and other cyber threats which has been a plus for the market growth.

Our two part series is divided into the following segments: Part I, in which we highlight the context in which protective intelligence professionals use open source intelligence (OSINT) and Part II, a brief overview of OSINT collection methods and how they relate to our organizations' protection strategies.
Like one former participant described it: R.I.S. is OSINT on step 4 to 5, where other training programmes are step 1 and 2”. The research methodology can be used to use Google to the max, but can also be used for other search engines, commercial databases or your in-house search engines.
Less risky: Using publicly available information to collect intelligence has no risk compared with other forms of intelligence such as using spying satellites or using human resources on the ground to collect information, especially in hostile countries.

In fact, recent advances in technology are causing OSINT to currently evolve at a dizzying rate, providing innovative data-driven and AI-powered applications for politics, economy or society, but also offering new lines of action against cyberthreats and cybercrime.
Using the methodology, delegates will learn in-depth techniques to find all relevant information from open sources, execute a systematic research plan, to use for market research, investigations, intelligence production, fact-checking techniques or vulnerability testing.

It's also particularly useful for picking up trends on a national or international breaking story before people begin tweeting about something under a unified hashtag, like #MallAttack.” You can search Mall attack,” shooting,” and Minneapolis” at the same time and track the results as they first come in. If something internationally significant happens, like #Brexit,” you can track Brexit-related news across four different columns by pairing that hashtag with different keywords.
Colossal amounts of public data are generated from a number of sources like social media, print media, digital media, articles, blog, online forums, telephone directories, journals, academic research papers, financial databases, patents, dissertation, and newsletters.

The second category is designed for big data analytics platforms such as DataWalk which combine OSINT insight with local, internal data for further visual analysis and to conduct link analysis to identify connections across a large volume of records.
Our content contributors come from organizations involved in protective intelligence research, corporate executive protection, threat assessment investigations, and related security intelligence fields. Below are some of the common OSINT tools often used by malware actors and penetrations testers.

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