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Famous Taitung Souvenirs

Taiwan's oldest bikeway—the Guanshan Bicycle Trail—is located here, and other cycling routes can be enjoyed in Longtian Village(Luye Township), Chishang, Taitung City, and coastal areas, all while cyclists are surrounded by fairytale-like scenic beauty. Jiufen street : once abandoned after the mountain to dig gold, for the movie "City of Sadness" and once again flourishing, becoming the longest one of Taiwan's most lively streets, a variety of souvenirs, souvenirs and snacks, attract large numbers of tourists up the mountain shopping Do not miss the famous snack - taro round nine.
The Taitung Z.Hotel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. TAIPEI - Taiwan authorities are confiscating pebbles collected 臺東伴手禮 as mementos by tourists and returning the rocks to the island's picturesque beaches as they step up moves to preserve the scenic east coast.

Brown Avenue : An idyllic path in Chishang Township, Taitung County, which was popular for shooting advertisements for Braun coffee, is known as a "green paradise road." The vast green rice fields, there is no power pole on the roadside, really feel the endless, not only has a good view of the photo, but also can take the mind away from the hustle and bustle, and experience the pureness of relaxation.
Through first-hand experience of Taitung's indigenous tribal culture, distinctive agricultural products, and interactive activities, Taiwan's exceptional environment and fascinating cultural features are sure to attract more overseas industries to hold MICE activities here in the post-pandemic era.

The representative of Taitung County Government said that Taitung, in recent years, has actively promoted the concept of "From Farm to Table" and "Eat Locally and Seasonally", therefore gradually carved out the development of "Slow Food Taitung". In the city center of Taitung, you'll have easy access to Taitung Forest Park, Beinan Wenhua Park, Tiehuacun.
Make your best year yet, and snap up one of the 654 killer Taitung County hotel deals and be the person that travel bloggers come to for advice. You may take a train from Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Taipei or Hualien to the Railway Station of Taitung and take the free shuttle to our hotel through reservation.

You may explore the fascinating Taipei city, visit Taipei 101, Eastern District, Wufenpu, Tamsui, Shilin Night Market and other famous attractions. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families. Along the road, we will see the Qingshui Cliff, Taiwan's largest coastal cliff, which faces the Pacific Ocean and is augmented by crystal blue seawater and sandy beaches.
You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 57 USD. Place: Taitung Railway Station, Taitung Airport and Taitung Fugang Fishery Harbor. The Fish Hotel -Taitung is one of the newest hotels in Taitung, having been renovated in 2017. Offering a seasonal outdoor pool with a terrace, The Gaya Hotel is located in Taitung City, 328 feet from Tiehua Music Village.

I've been around Taiwan for many years and there's only one place on this island where locals were able to rip me off on booze (like charging me 2-3 times the normal price for beer) in the middle of the night and it was here, in Taitung. Many businesses in Taitung have developed tasty sweets using local ingredients, such as handmade rice cakes, oat cake, rice cake, puffed rice, sugar apple crisp and pudding…Don't forget to take some of these sweets back as gifts.
Guests tell us the location of this hotel is fantastic. Today, with the establishment of Taiwan High Speed Railways (THSR) , you may now simply take a 90min HSR ride to Zuoying Station and then take a 3hr train ride to Taitung area. Taiwan's East Coast National Scenic Area Administration shows beach pebbles seized from tourists.
The mountains and the sea of Taitung, nurturing rich natural ecology and products including quality r

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