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We have a growing number of clients spread across Australia which started with the University Of Canberra purchasing Repeat Signage digital signage software several years ago. With professional vehicle signage you'll be promoting your business where ever you go. Many big companies hire temporary signage on the back of special vehicles that drive around just for the exposure because people are quite receptive to advertising messages while in the car.
Locally designed as well as rigorously tested and manufactured, the custom-designed shroud delivers an aesthetic appeal that blends seamlessly video display hire into the vehicle whilst LCD screens deliver superior image quality even in extreme conditions such as direct sunlight and heat.

You can deliver a message to your entire target audience or just a specific group through options ranging from traditional signage to interactivity, 2D- and 3D-wayfinding, gesture-controlled signage, and QR code to access users on their mobile phones and tablets.
Advertising or marketing can be held in numerous ways, which encompasses, print medium which is similar to advertising in magazines or newspapers, electronic marketing- advertising products or services through the INTERNET or marketing with the help of billboards or signs to promote a product.
We all know how important effective management of a company's online activities is when it comes to building for the future and attaining desirable levels of growth and progress, but improving your online reputation is not enough on its own to guarantee that your business is doing what it needs to do in order to keep up with the competition and continue to attract and maintain new customers.

You can also browse through some of the Melbourne signs we've previously produced for satisfied clients by viewing our gallery portfolio. Our team of experienced project managers, industrial designers and account managers are focused on the interests of our clients.
With more than 36 years' experience, Wayne Hind and his team at Custom Grafix offer an unparalleled level of expertise and service for businesses of all sizes. Undoubtedly, advertising is one of the most operational methods to create sentience for your business products or services.

The last thing any business needs is for customers to be turning up to its physical, brick and mortar premises only to find that they're confronted with an image and brand which is completely detached from what they've seen online. Additionally, certain digital signage products offer design tools and customizable layouts so users can create beautiful, displayable content and deploy it to their screens all in one place.
We always provide the most advanced, sophisticated digital signage Australia has available, and we're always happy to work with new customers to deliver unique, customised solutions. Most customers make their purchase decisions at the point of sale, and with digital signage acting as your full time salesperson you can make the most of instore and product promotions.

What we offer is a winning combination of practical industry experience and a wide variety of leading brand digital signage solutions. Our digital signage content creation team designs and produces messages that drive people to action. Our signage company in Melbourne believes in embracing the beauty of the modern city with an acceptance for the changing world, particularly in the areas of technology and media.
One-time payment licence fee is for 1 Windows computer playing presentations onto 1 display screen (4 screens for Media Wall). Instant Digital Signage. Over the past three decades, our ability to produce custom signage, and our extensive industry experience, has made us the signage partners of choice.

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